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Dharma Store

Dharma store

Event: Dharma store sale and open house
Date: Saturday, Febuary 11th
Time: 12 - 3pm

To support your dharma practice, we had bought many dharma materials from our trip to India and Nepal. We having special dharma store sale on next Saturday.  If you looking to buy dharma materials before Tibetan New year celebrations. We also many other things, you can use and gift items etc.

We have for sale:

Offering bowl (different sizes and kinds)
Butter lamps
Vara and bell
Serkyam set (tea offering set)
incense holder
Mandala (different kind and size)
Rice bowl
Brocade table covers
Mala bag
Mala counter
Pill boxes etc

GSL Monastery hosts a Dharma Store to provides students of Buddhism and the community with sacred ceremonial implements, Dharma texts and other hard-to-find items the support a spiritual practice.

For more information about finding Buddha statues, malas, tangkhas (fabric paintings), vajra and bell sets or any other items, please contact the monastery.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that some items may take some time to arrive, as they require placing a custom order to Nepal or India.