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Support The Monastery

In keeping with the instructions of the Buddha and great masters, the teachings at GSL Monastery are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. This ensures that all financial support is given with the purest of intentions and that people from all walks of life can benefit from the Buddha’s teachings.

Of course there are many expenses involved in running a monastery, so donations will be warmly accepted. No contribution is too small. Whatever you can give, if you are able to make your offering with a warm and loving heart, your generous action will not only benefit countless others, but also will have a positive effect on your own sense of well being.

Your donation allows us to continue to offer teachings to others and preserve this great tradition for future generations.

Gaden Samdrupling monastery is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, so contributions, if recorded in your name, are tax deductible.

You may choose one of the following ways to give:

One-time contribution

Credit card

Please click Paypal button below to make a secure credit card contribution. GSL Monastery is 501(C) 3 non-profit charitable organization and contributions are tax-exempt. You will receive a tax-exempt letter at the end of the financial year.

Please click the Donate button to make a one time contribution.


Please make payable to GSL Monastery.
donation on the memo line.

Send to
GSL Monastery
3046 Pavlova drive
Cincinnati, OH 45251

Ongoing monthly contribution

Many generous and kind-hearted people who would like to support dharma activities live very busy lives. An automatic monthly credit card charge or bank withdrawal is a hassle-free way to send your contribution directly to GSL Monastery.

Please click the Subscribe button below to setup a monthly contribution through PayPal. Please note that PAYPAL uses “subscription” and “subscribe” when referring to recurring contributions.

$25 per Month

$50 per Month

$75 per Month

$100 per Month

$150 per Month

$200 per Month

Other ways to give

Click the logo & learn how you can help raise money for GSL Monastery, just by shopping online at stores you know and love.