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GSL Monastery Annual Programs

Kids’ Meditation and Yoga Camp

Growing up as a high-tech generation, our children experience stress and emotional challenges every day in school and in their social lives, just as adult do. Meditation is a set of relaxation techniques that can help kids learn how to calm their minds and deal with their emotions better. By calming the mind through meditation practice and the simple moves of yoga, anyone of any generation can bring harmony to body, mind and spirit. These quiet activities help promote health, better concentration, progress in studies and success in other activities. Children are encouraged to bring adults with them – moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles – everyone is welcome to learn together. This unique camp is an enjoyable day that creates opportunities for further interaction later as you practice the new techniques that you learned together.

Tibet Festival

This is a unique opportunity to experience the art, music and dance of Tibetan culture. At a time when this rich heritage is faced with extinction, the monks share these ancient traditions to ensure their continued survival.

Taste Of Tibet

The monks of GSL invite everyone to The Taste of Tibet to enjoy a new taste experience — a traditional Tibetan feast. The traditional Tibetan food, prepared by the monks, includes authentic Tibetan dishes such as momos (a dumpling similar to oriental fried dumplings or pot stickers), bean threads, potato and cheese rounds with traditional spices and sweet and salty teas. A wide array of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies is always available. CityBeat newspaper has named this festive cultural event one of the “Best of Cincinnati.”

Tibetan New Year: Losar Celebrations
Losar Activities
Smoke offering, new prayer flag installation and invocation of dharmapala
Weather permitting we’ll be outside, so please dress for warmth.

New Year celebration dinner