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Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Venerable Geshe Kunchok visiting Cincinnati

Buddhist teacher Venerable Geshe Kunchok joined the Gaden Monastic University at the age of 11, and after 20 years of rigorous study of Buddhist philosophy, he received the Geshe degree; this is the highest honor in Buddhist studies. He studied with more than 22 masters and scholars, some of the most revered Buddhist teachers of our era. Ven. Geshe Kunchok travels the world offering Buddhist teachings in places such as Mongolia, India, and throughout Europe. 

Event: Engaging Buddhism

Date: 9/16/22 (Friday)

Time: 7 PM

Buddhism is an ancient tradition that is still relevant for the challenges in our modern life. In this talk, Geshe Kunchok will explain how the wisdom of the past can help us to understand and apply ancient wisdom to cope with the difficulties we face today. The talk is open to anyone who would like to learn more about a different way to way to handle the struggles we experience in our own life and how we can help others cope, too.

Event: Seven Point Mind Training (Lojong)

Date: 9/17/22 (Saturday)

Time: 2 PM

This meditation practice, also called Lojong, is a method to calm and focus our minds. It is explained in seven steps that anyone can follow. This practice helps us to cultivate the mindfulness and compassion that can help us to overcome our own suffering and help others do the same.

Event: Green Tara Initiation

Date: 9/18/22 (Sunday)

Time: 10 AM

Cittamani (Green) Tara swiftly helps us accomplish our spiritual wishes through her compassionate and generous nature. This initiation serves as an introduction to this female deity, called the Mother of all the Buddhas.


In keeping with the teaching of the Buddha, all teachings and initiations are offered free of charge to those who wish to learn more. All are welcome to attend. Anyone able to make an offering to help defray the costs associated with these events is welcome to make a donation at any time during the weekend.


All events will take place at Gaden SamdrupLing Buddhist Monastery in Colerain township.

3046 Pavlova Drive, Cincinnati Ohio 45251

This will be the first public teaching offered in the recently constructed temple at the monastery. To ensure the good health and long life of all our teachers and everyone who attends, everyone will be asked to wear a mask and practice physical distancing while in the temple building.