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Venerable Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche Visit

Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche was born in 1949 in Shigatse, Tibet. At the age of six, he began his traditional studies at Sera Monastery. After the Chinese invasion, he fled to India with his master Geshe Rabten Rinpoche, where he continued his studies.

In 1974 Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche came to Switzerland with his master and continue to support him in all activities, as he had done before in India. He lived with his master for 33 years. After Geshe Rinpoche’s parinirvana, he continued Geshe’s activities of directing the Centre for Higher Tibetan Studies in Switzerland as well as the affiliated centers in Germany and Austria. Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche’s teachings are of extraordinary clarity, precision, and logic, and his personal example is a great inspiration to the students.

Event: Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment

Date: Friday July, 12th
Time: 7 P.M.  

This text was written by the Great Master Atisha and it a foundational text in Tibetan Buddhism. In it, Atisha explains the three scopes of being – small, middle, and great – explaining each stage of development on the path to achieving enlightenment. This text was the start of the lamrim tradition and explains the importance of Bodhicitta – the wish to liberate all sentient being from suffering.    

Event: Three wrathful deities Empowerment (Dragpo Sumden Jenang)

Date: Saturday, July, 13th
Time: 2 P.M.

Three wrathful deities (Dargpo Sumden) are Vajrapani, Hayagriva, and Garuda. Vajrapani manifestation of all Buddhas power to dispel all obstacles. Hayagriva is a wrathful manifestation of compassion, and he symbolizes an unwavering determination to overcome internal obstacles and external challenges. The Garuda is a bird-like creature who also serves as a protector.    

Event: White Tara long life initiation

Date: Sunday, July 14th
Time: 2 P.M.  

At a time when many people are suffering physically, emotionally and mentally, White Tara offers an opportunity for healing and a healthier life. Tara is Buddha in female aspect and is also known as mother of all Buddhas. White Tara, known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity, is also known as the Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra. When you practice The Long-Life White Tara Sadhana and recite the mantras, these purify unwholesome karma from your past life that makes your life shorter.

Location for the events:
Gaden Samdrupling Monastery
3046 Pavlova Drive
Cincinnati OH 45251

Contact information:
Phone: 513-385-7116

All teachings are offered free of charge. Donations are welcome to support the teachings. As in Buddhist tradition you can sponsor a teaching or initiation in your name or in honor of someone. For more information: Call (513) 385-7116.

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