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Upcoming Events

Losar (Lunar New Year, Year of Monkey) celebrations begin on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Here is the Losar schedule: Click here for more information.

Losar Prayer (Losar Puja): Tuesday, Feb, 9th at 10am

New Year Dinner Party (Losar dinner): Saturday, Feb, 20th at 6pm 

Smoke Offering Prayers, new prayer flags installation and invocation of Dharmapala: Sunday, Feb, 21st at 9am

Please call if you need driving directions or wish to check for weather-related cancellations. If practice is cancelled, we will send out an email notification as soon as possible.

All teachings are offered free and all welcome.
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If you are interested to sponsoring teachings or initiation for a day or whole teachings. Please contact Jam Lama at (812) 339-0857.