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Upcoming Events

Losar Dinner Party
Feb. 24 - Friday
6 p.m.
Join us for a delicious meal of Tibetan delicacies prepare by the monks. Veg and non-veg dishes, hot sauce to make your eyes water, sweet tea, salt tea and dessert. Please RSVP the number in your party by calling GSL: 513.385.7116

Smoke Offering
Feb. 25 - Saturday
9 a.m.
The annual smoke offering will take place in the morning.

Losar Puja
Feb. 27 - Monday
6 a.m.
Everyone is welcome to participate in Kangso, our dharma protector practice. Offerings welcome.

Please call if you need driving directions or wish to check for weather-related cancellations. If practice is cancelled, we will send out an email notification as soon as possible.

All teachings are offered free and all welcome.
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If you are interested to sponsoring teachings or initiation for a day or whole teachings. Please contact Jam Lama at (812) 339-0857.