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Upcoming Events

Finding Your Dharma Teacher and Path
Friday, September 23 at 7 PM
Ven. Geshe Kunchok will offer teachings on how to find your dharma teacher, ways to properly rely on them and keeping samaya. Finding your good dharma teacher is very important for your dharma studies and spiritual developments. 

In Buddhism, root of path is to properly relying on our dharma teacher. It is source of all our dharma wisdom, knowledge to attain freedom from sufferings and ultimately achieve Buddhahood. 

Geshe la is respected for his skillful means to expain dharma, so everyone could understand and benefit from it. 

All are welcome. As a Buddhist tradition, teachings are offered Free. Donation welcome. You may sponsor a teaching or initiation for you and your family or honor of someone with special dedication of merits. RSVP here. You may also contact (513) 385-7116 or Email: gsl@ganden.org

Vajrasattva Initiation and Teachings on 100 Syllable Mantras
Saturday, September 24 at 10 AM
Vajrasattva is the manifestation Buddha to help sentient beings to help purify negative karma. Vajrasattva practice is a powerful method of purifying body speech and mind and Karmas of the past and present time. Vajrasattva practice is also preparation for taking further higher Tantric practices.

Once you have received this initiation, you are qualified to do the sadhana and 100 syllable Mantra of Vajrsattva, which can be very powerful, it all depends on your motivation and dedication to the practise.

Vajrasattva is given by Lama for the new students or someone who has been practising Dharma for a while. It is a good practice for all level of students.

All are welcome. RSVP here. You may also contact (513) 385-7116 or Email: gsl@ganden.org

Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga Practice (Migtsema Mantra and Tsog)
Sunday, September 25 at 10 AM - 5 PM
Ven. Geshe la will offer instruction on how to do Meditation (visualization) practice of Tsongkhapa guru yoga practice, explanation of Migtsema mantra. He will also give teachings on Tsog offering, and how to do it.

All are welcome. Specially recommended to all beginners. RSVP here. You may also contact (513) 385-7116 or Email: gsl@ganden.org


We are honored to announce that we are fortunate to have two great teachers visiting us this fall. In September Ven.Geshe Kunchok will offer teachings and initiations, and in November Ven. Lama Zasep Rinpoche will offer teaching and initiations. If you would like to make requests for specific teachings, please let us know.

Please call if you need driving directions or wish to check for weather-related cancellations. If practice is cancelled, we will send out an email notification as soon as possible.

All teachings are offered free and all welcome.
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If you are interested to sponsoring teachings or initiation for a day or whole teachings. Please contact Jam Lama at (812) 339-0857.