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Weekly Teachings

Due to a scheduling conflict there will not be any practice or classes at the monastery this weekend, July 25 - 27.

Introduction to Buddhism
Friday, 7 p.m.
This course is an introduction of the basic concepts of Buddhism. No previous experience with Buddhism is required, all are welcome.

Vajrasatva Practice
Saturday, 10 AM
This is a purification practice chanted in Tibetan, however, and English translation is available for those who wish to follow along.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming special events at Gaden KhachoeShing monastery in Bloomington. IN

Event: Migtsema mantra practice (Saka dawa month) 
DateThursday, May 29th - Friday, June 13th 2014 

This year, we are dedicating doing Migtsema mantra practice during this holy month of Saka dawa. It will involve doing Tsongkhapa guru yoga practice and chanting Migtsema mantras in the morning and evening sessions, and doing other dharma activities during the day. You can participate for the weekend also. All are welcome to join us during any of these dharma activities.  A great opportunity to accumulate merits. 

Event: Tsongkhapa three emanations initiation
DateThursday, May 29th at 7pm

Event: Vajrayogini blessings initiation 
DateSunday, June 8th at 2.30pm

Event: Lama Choepa with Vajrayogini Tsog offering
DateFriday, June 13th at 7pm

This month is also 100,000 merits times. During this holy month as merits accumulated will increase by 100,000 times. Our dharma creation will bring benefits to countless of sentient beings for generations to come. All events are held at Gaden KhachoeShing monastery.

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Gaden Samdrupling Buddhist Monastery

BuddhaGaden Samdrupling Buddhist Monastery, founded in 1999, is a community center for Buddhist study, practice, and culture. It is a tiny corner of Tibet transplanted to the West Side of Cincinnati. Historically, a Tibetan town monastery served as a hub of spiritual and communal activity. Community members drew religious and spiritual inspiration from the monastery and provided material support for the monks, who focused their efforts on helping all sentient beings.

GSL Monastery continues this tradition by offering classes, meditation practice and special events for those in the community who wish to learn about or study Tibetan Buddhism as a philosophy for life, a spiritual path or a religious practice. Our teachers offer instruction handed down from Shakyamuni Buddha (“The Buddha”) and passed from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage for over 2,500 years.

All are welcome. Our purpose is not to convert individuals to Buddhism. Rather, our intention in offering the teachings is to assist others in attaining happiness and peace.

GSL Monastery

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